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Spain is an example for many countries

9th December 2021
Spain is an example for many countries

70 percent of people over 70 have the booster shot in Spain.

Spain has managed to place the extra third booster shot among the over-70s in record time. 70% of all over 70s in Spain have currently received the third booster shot. This concerns a total of 4.7 million inhabitants of the 6.8 million who are 70 years or older. In fact, 69.2% of all over-70s have now had a third booster shot in Spain, a percentage that will almost certainly be exceeded by Tuesday. At the time of writing and pending new figures to be announced on Tuesday (which we will adjust in this article), there are a total of 5,499,256 booster shots (4,358,579 Pfizer and 1,140,677 Moderna) in Spain. vaccines) while 37.6 million people have now been fully vaccinated with two shots, which is 89.4% of all 12-year-olds and older. At the moment, Spain has started giving the third booster shot at the end of October in certain groups such as the over-70s; residents of old people's centers; people with a very high risk and vulnerable people with a serious immune disorder and in people who have just had a transplant or cancer, kidney and dialysis patients, etc.  


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