Avda. Príncipe de Asturias 92
30858 Paretón, Totana
Murcia, Spain

Costa Cálida

Costa Calida (Spanish for the warm coast): from Cartagena to Aguilas
The coast is about 250km long and the beaches are wide with rocks. Because the coast is so rugged, it has not really been discovered by mass tourism yet. The famous place here is Cartagena, a very important port city in Spain.
Murcia has a coastline of approximately 250 kilometers long: coves and wide beaches with beautiful rocks. Here is also the very impressive strip of land called La Manga. A narrow strip of land, intersected by several channels and openings, which closes the Mar Menor lagoon from the Mediterranean Sea.

Most of the Costa Cálida is very rugged and therefore not as overrun by mass tourism as in the Costa Blanca. The most densely built-up area is around the Mar Menor and around the cultural city of Cartagena.
The coastal region of Murcia offers unprotected wide clean beaches with an azure sea on the one hand and narrow coves with palm trees and calm water on the other. There are sand dunes, beaches, saltwater lagoons and mudflats. The Murcia coastal region has many facets for the nature lover. Many areas fall under nature conservation scheme.

Places to visit:
Cartagena, Murcia, Puerto de Mazarron, Totana, La Manga, San Pedro del Pinatar, Mula.

What not to miss in Murcia!!!
The cathedral in Murcia, the guns of Mazarron (a beautiful castle on the tops of Mazarrón), the amphitheater in Cartagena, a tour of the liqueur 43 factory and for the children a visit to Terra Natura is always a success.


Águilas - DroomHuisSpanje

The southernmost city of the Murcia region is Águilas, bordering Andalusia. The town consists of two bays separated by a rocky headland. Here you will find many...

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Avileses - DroomHuisSpanje

Welcome to picturesque Avileses, a beautiful village near the city of Murcia. Avileses is a small village with all daily amenities within easy reach. The village is 10 km...

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Condado de Alhama - DroomHuisSpanje
Condado de Alhama

Condado de Alhama a village in itself Beautiful golf course with 18 challenging holes!, shops, restaurants..... Condado de Alhama is a large and quiet inland golf...

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Mazarrón - DroomHuisSpanje

Some interesting buildings in the old town bear witness to the rich and interesting history of Mazarrón, such as the Town Hall and the former Cultural Center. Both...

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Hacienda del Álamo - DroomHuisSpanje
Hacienda del Álamo

The 18-hole Hacienda del Alamo golf course was designed by Dave Thomas and is currently the longest course in all of Spain at 6,724 metres. With beautiful wide open fields,...

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Los Alcázares - DroomHuisSpanje
Los Alcázares

Los Alcázares is a municipality in the Spanish province and region of Murcia with an area of 20 km². Los Alcázares was formed on October 13, 1983 from...

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Mar Menor Resort - DroomHuisSpanje
Mar Menor Resort

Mar Menor Golf Resort is so much more, The Mar Menor Resort is one of the most famous resorts in the Murcia region. In addition to the great 18-hole golf course, the...

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Playa Honda - DroomHuisSpanje
Playa Honda

Playa Honda is a special place in La Manga del Mar Menor. La Manga is the well-known attraction in this region on the Costa Calida. The white sandy beaches, the crystal clear...

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Roda Golf  - DroomHuisSpanje
Roda Golf

WELCOME TO RODA GOLF RESORT Next to the Mediterranean Sea and just 1.6 km from Mar Menor, lies a unique natural environment, and there opens Roda Golf & Beach Resort...

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San Pedro del Pinatar - Lo Pagan - DroomHuisSpanje
San Pedro del Pinatar - Lo Pagan

This is a great location. We know better than anyone that the location will be bought and the house will be added to you. Why is the location so good? This location offers...

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Santiago de la Ribera - DroomHuisSpanje
Santiago de la Ribera

The former fishing village of Santiago de la Ribera is a town on the coast of the Mar Menor. The atmosphere of that time still hangs in the old streets. The very beautiful...

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Sucina - DroomHuisSpanje

Sucina Sucina is a unique place in the region. It is a small village surrounded by golf courses and agricultural fields. It is a 10-minute drive from the beaches of the Mar...

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Puerto de Mazarrón - DroomHuisSpanje
Puerto de Mazarrón

Puerto de Mazarrón is a lively, authentic Spanish seaside resort, with all conceivable amenities, such as supermarkets, restaurants and the beautiful Boulevard where...

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Murcia - DroomHuisSpanje

Murcia is the capital of the province of Murcia and was founded in 825 by the Moors. The center of this vibrant city is the 18th century square, La Glorieta. The Casino is...

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Lorca - DroomHuisSpanje

Lorca is located in the south of the Murcia region, close to the border with Andalusia. The city with 100,000 inhabitants and a pleasant climate, is located on both sides of...

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Roldan - DroomHuisSpanje

Roldan is an authentic Spanish place in the municipality of Torre Pacheco. Characteristic for Roldan is the pleasant square in the heart of this village. Of course there is a...

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Paretón - DroomHuisSpanje

El Pareton is a small town that belongs to the municipality of Totana. This cozy village has all the daily services needed; banks, supermarket, butcher, bakery, schools...

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Totana - DroomHuisSpanje

Totana is a municipality in the Region of Murcia in Spain at the bottom of a mountain range named Sierra Espuña. It has a total area of 287...

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Calasparra - DroomHuisSpanje

Calasparra has 10,000 inhabitants and all daily amenities can be found there. Calasparra is surrounded by a lot of natural landscape and mountains and has a lot of culture....

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Santa Rosalía Resort - DroomHuisSpanje
Santa Rosalía Resort

The Santa Rosalia Lake & Life Resort is an exclusive resort located on the Mediterranean Sea near Murcia. The focal point of the Santa Rosalia Lake & Life Resort...

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Mar de Cristal - DroomHuisSpanje
Mar de Cristal

Mar de Cristal belongs to the municipality of Cartagena. The village owes its name to the crystal clear sea water. Many Spaniards from Madrid, Murcia and Valencia come here...

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San Javier - DroomHuisSpanje
San Javier

San Javier is a small town and municipality in the province of Murcia in southeastern Spain. The municipality is located at the northern end of the Mediterranean coast of...

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Altaona Golf - DroomHuisSpanje
Altaona Golf

Altaona Golf Resort has a new golf course, club house. The golf course is situated in the natural environment of the Resort. It is a pleasant course that is very nicely laid...

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Balsicas - DroomHuisSpanje

Balsicas is a Spanish town between Sucina and San Javier. Blasicas has a range of daily amenities; pharmacy, medical center, schools, banks, supermarkets,...

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