Avda. Príncipe de Asturias 92
30858 Paretón, Totana
Murcia, Spain

San Juan de los Terreros

San Juan de los Terreros is an authentic Spanish seaside resort where mass tourism has not yet taken off. Wonderful life among the Spaniards and their fantastic relaxed atmosphere. The village has everything to offer, beautiful wide white beaches with many options for a delicious dinner or just a tasty tapas in between.
A 5-minute drive away we find the town of Aguilas, a very popular location among the Spaniards. This historic city is equipped with all modern facilities such as a shopping center, a beautiful boulevard with restaurants and a harbour.

Visit the huge crystal-covered cave in Pulpí

It is now possible to visit the second largest crystal-covered cave in the world. We're talking about the huge geode of Pulpí, a cave completely filled with quartz and amethyst crystals that can accommodate up to 10 people at a time. In December 1999 the 'geoda de pulpí' or with the official name 'Geoda del Pilar de Jaravía' was found by accident. A group of specialists from Madrid wanted to explore the Mina Rica and came across a space closed by boulders. Once they were able to enter, huge crystals protruding from the bottom, side and top were discovered.
For years, research has been carried out into the natural phenomenon with meter-high crystals and it has been established that it is the second largest geode in the world.

Properties in San Juan de los Terreros
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